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July 2014 Newletter

July Newsletter 2014

There is lots of news to share from the farm this month. The most exciting thing is that we have launched a new website. The website address is the same but the content is all new. The exciting part is that you can now purchase from our website. We have a lot coming up for the fall. Fall is our season. Not any activities happening for July and August but we have to get ready for the fall now.

We have still been doing a few tomatoes and lima beans. Now we are planting the fall crops including pumpkins and vegetables for the Fall CSA deliveries. We are taking new members for the fall, if you want to join, now is the time. I always tell people that fall is a good time to try the CSA vegetable program because it’s only 6 weeks. The CSA program is not for everyone especially if you eat out a lot. It will make you try new things and it will get you cooking every week. You can go to the new website and purchase your CSA membership now.

We decided a Farm based theme for the run would be a fun way to go. Our run is the Cow Pie Skip 5K Mud Run. We will still be hosting the Mega Mud Run Challenge twice a year (September 27
th). Our race should not be confused with the Mega Mud Run which is a true challenge with 36 obstacles and lots of mud. Our run will be a real run but should be fun also. We will run 5K with a few Farm Chores along the way. We are going to have an After Party also. You non runners are invited to the After Party for free.Like I told you last month we are having a Fun Run at the farm on September 13th. We have had a couple of national companies that had races scheduled at the farm and they have cancelled the runs. We were not happy with how these cancellations were handled and it made us look bad being associated with them.

Our thoughts are turning to Pumpkins as fall gets closer. We are planting pumpkins now as well as fall vegetables. It’s hard to think about the Pumpkin 

We will need volunteers for the Cow Pie Skip in September and for the Pumpkin Patch in October but we need help getting ready too. We have fPatch when the weather is so hot but if we don’t get ready now, we won’t be ready by October. We still need long sleeve shirts and long pants for scarecrows before October. We can’t do all of this on our own so we are always looking for volunteers.

We have been busy with pickles and salsas. Rick and I will be working on pickled okra all summer. Okra iences to paint and fences to build and electrical work to be done so if you are interesting in helping with any of those, call us 843-559-0788. We also have paid positions in October. We need help during the week Tues.-Fri. with the school children (we love retired teachers) and we need help on the weekends with the general public. We work a lot of teenagers on the weekends. Linda has more patience than me to deal with them.

This is a good time to catch up on office work when it’s so hot and humid outside. Even the chickens don’t like this hot weather and don’t lay as many eggs as they do when the weather is cooler. Our Rent A Chick chickens will start laying anytime now, of course the eggs are really small when they start laying and we can’t sell them. Chickens lay an egg every 25 hours so we get about 6 eggs per week per 

chicken. Just fun facts for you to share.s a hot weather vegetable and doesn’t even get going well until we get into the 90’s. After the cucu

Name the Goat Contest Congratulations to Kim Thompson for suggesting the name Oscar and to Adina Gross for suggesting the name Clover for the goats. Both will be receiving a Pumpkin Patch package for October.mbers and tomatoes are finished and the pickles and salsas are done then it’s time to turn to okra pickles. Our beekeeper Woody had an accident (please keep Woody in your prayers as he recovers) and is having to rely on family and friends to tend the bees but he is still providing lots of honey for us.

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  • Helene on

    Loved the tomatoes!!!! Looking forward to the okra.

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