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April Newsletter

April NewsletterApril came and went before I could even think about it. It was a whirlwind month. I use to think we couldn't be any busier in the spring than when we were in the nursery business but spring seems to be crazier than ever now. It may have something to do with my age because I can't do what I once could and it's very frustrating. We sent Rent A Chicks out and got both rounds of chicks back in April, we continued to do home deliveries, we started running the Rolling Markets again, and all the time harvesting and...

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May Newsletter

May NewsletterThe weather this month has been really pleasant. The vegetables are all looking good. I've talked to a lot of folks that are really pleased with how well their gardens are doing. I really think the warm days and cool nights have helped the vegetable plants thrive. The cucumbers, yellow squash, and zucchini are coming in now. Peaches are just starting. The strawberries have lasted longer this year due to the cooler weather but they are on the way out. Cauliflower is done and asparagus is almost done. I know everyone is waiting on the tomatoes. They are just...

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February 2021 Newsletter

February  NewsletterThere is a reason February is the shortest month of the year. It's a bleak cold month. It also seems like it rains a lot in February too or at least this year it has. Rick and I will be celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary on the 25th. The week we got married in 1989, we had snow then it was 75 degrees the day of the wedding. We went from freezing and struggling through snow to sweating and wishing my dress had short sleeves. February is a weird month but at least it’s short and we can see spring...

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December 2020 Newsletter

December Newsletter  As it was for so many others this year, 2020, was a terrible year for the Legare family and our business in many ways.     For our family it was very difficult as we lost both friends and family members. Some to Covid and some to other causes. It was also a difficult year as we were isolated from family and friends.    I lost my Mother in Law in January then spent the next 10 months cleaning out their house since my Father in Laws is in assisted living now. This was an emotional journey. I got...

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September 2016 Newsletter

September Newsletter We 're so focused on getting ready for the Pumpkin Patch that I know fall is close but you could not prove it by the temperatures. The days are getting shorter and the fall vegetables are almost ready so fall must be here but again you can't prove it by the temperature. It's hard to get excited about the fall activities when you're sweating. The rain has been nice but it would be better spread out a little more and it does seem to cool things off for at least a few hours.   We are still working...

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