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2017 CSA Program

What is a CSA?

A CSA (Community Supported AgricultCSA productsure) is a way for the community to form a relationship with a local farm.

How does it work?

Shareholders take a risk along with the farmer on the crop. Farming is a risky business. Becoming a member creates a responsible relationship between people and the food they eat, the land on which it is grown and those who grow it. By making a financial commitment to the farm, people pay for the season up-front.

 Members help pay for seeds, fertilizer, water, equipment maintenance, labor, etc. 

In return, the farm provides, to the best of its ability, a healthy supply of seasonal fresh produce throughout the growing season.

How is Legare Farms unique?

Now in its 10th year, Legare Farms’ CSA is unique because it is not a drop and go type CSA.

A member of the Legare family or staff is at the pick up location to meet each member and share what is going on at the farm. A CSA is to form a relationship between the farmers and the members and the only way to do this is to get to know each other better each week.

Legare Farms staff will share tips for preparing vegetables and members are encouraged to share tips as well as recipes. In order to form a community the farmers must know their members and the members must know their farmer.

Legare Farms’ CSA Program regular season provides a half bushel of produce for a total of 15 weeks. Nine weeks in the Spring/Summer and six weeks in the fall with a mid-summer break. A half share is also available. There is also a Winter season of 6 weeks starting in February and running through March.

There is an assortment of vegetables every week. The basket of produce may include tomatoes, green beans, sweet corn, okra, squash, and radishes. Early spring and fall may include winter crops such as collards, turnips, beets, onions, arugula, and lettuce. The produce baskets are packed with whatever is ready to be picked that week.

Program Info

2017 Fall Share

Runs: 10/1/2017-11/15/2017

Full share -  $175

Half share -  $133

             Fall Season 

Starts around the 1st of October and runs for 6 more weeks

          Full Share $400

           Half Share $295



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Where are Pick-up Locations?

Preferred pickup point:

  1. James Island: Tuesdays
    The Pour House Maybank Hwy.
  2. N. Charleston: Tuesdays Trident Tech Campus
    Noon till 1:30
  3. West Ashley: WednesdaysGrandOakspoolparking4:30-6:30
  4. Johns Island: Tuesdays
    Legare Farm
  5. Mt Pleasant :Thursdays
    411 Hibben St- Pickled Palate