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Butcher's Club

Are you a real meat lover?

Join Legare Farms' Butchers Club

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The Program

  • You pre-buy the meat which provides you a share in the animal herd
  • You use your club membership level (investment) to purchase the meat of your choice 
  • Membership levels are available for purchase quarterly ($250), biannually ($500), or annually ($1000)

How does it work?

  1. Once the membership is paid you can start picking up beef, pork, lamb, or eggs.
  2. You can pick up at the farm by appointment or from the Rolling Market
  3. You use your membership until you have used the total amount purchased
  4. You get 20% off the retail price!

The Benefits

There are lots of benefits to this program but the major ones are:

  • You know exactly what your family is eating!
  • Purchase the cut and quantity of beef or pork or lamb your family enjoys
  • Since freezer space can be an issue, you pick up just what your freezer will hold

How do you order and pick-up?

In order for Legare Farms to keep your cost lower:

  • Call or email your order to check availability 
  • Meat will be available for pick-up at the farm by appointment or at the Rolling Market.. Let us know and you can pick up from the CSA vegetable drop locations during the season, or we can make arrangements to meet you with an order during our restaurant deliveries

If you have questions contact Helen Legare at 843-514-1218
or email:

Enroll Now