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Field Trips

Teachers, let us design a field trip especially for your needs.

Call us at 843-559-0788 with your curriculum goals and we can work with you to plan a memorable trip for your class. There are five programs available year-round.

Let’s Milk a Cow – Learn about the differences between beef and dairy cows. Feel what it’s like to milk our simulated cow, Belinda. Discuss the products that come from milk. Recommended for ages 3 – 8. This meets state education standards for science for grades K – 3. $10/child

Egg Hunt - Come join us at Legare Farms for a chicken & egg adventure. Learn all about chickens and eggs and how they hatch. Visit our animals in our barnyard. We will then follow-up with an egg hunt and free time to play on our playground. $10/child

Egg hunt details: Cost is $10.00 per child (there is no charge for chaperones). We recommend one chaperone for every 6 children. Each field trip includes 8 – 10 eggs per child. Please contact us by phone at 843-559-0788 or email at to schedule your Egg Hunt or for more information.

Seed Search - Learn about the different kinds of seeds, both farm plants and wild plants. Go on a seed collection walk and see how many different kinds of seeds you can find. Study the inside of a seed and see how it grows. This meets state education standards for science grades 3 – 5.  $10/child

Fiber Fun - Learn about cotton, wool, flax and silk. Learn where they come from, how they are harvested and prepared.

Spring on the Farm - Learn about what happens on the farm in the springtime. Learn about planting and caring for seeds. Plant your own seeds to take home. Meet the new chicks and other baby animals. This meets state education standards for science for grades K – 4. Available March 15 through April 30.  $10/child

Pet our sheep and learn about their unique names and why they are a threatened species. This meets state education standards for science for grades 3 – 5.  $10/child

Pumpkin Patch - Learn about pumpkins and how they grow. Each child will pick a pumpkin from our patch to take home. Take a hayride to feed the cows. This meets state education standards for grades K – 4. Available in October.  $10/child

Thanksgiving on the Farm - Learn about the first Thanksgiving and what the pilgrims ate. Discuss these foods and compare them to what we eat today. Visit our animal barnyard and talk about what animals we have today and what animals the Pilgrims had. Take a hayride out to feed the cows. This meets state education standards for social studies and history for grades K – 5. Available November.  $10/child

On the farm, here are some animals you might see:

  • Chicken - Our chickens are 1 to 2 year old layers.
  • Cows
  • Donkeys - We have 3 donkeys: Coco, Aurora, and Borealis.
  • Goats - We have 3 goats: Olive, Butterscotch, and Oscar.
  • Horses - Our horses are named Ginger, who is a 26 year old Arabians, Blaze, who is a Quarterhorse, Buddy, a mix paint and Quarterhorse, and Lacey, who is 28 years old.
  • Pig - We have a large variety of Heritage breed pigs. Choose a pig and you can name it.
  • Rabbits - Our rabbits are Peter Rabbit and Cottontail. They are 1 years old.
  • Sheep - All of our sheep are Jacobs sheep. This breed is black and white spotted and can have from 2 to 6 horns. 
  • Turkey - Our Turkeys are red bourbon turkeys.