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May Newsletter

May Newsletter
The weather this month has been really pleasant. The vegetables are all looking good. I've talked to a lot of folks that are really pleased with how well their gardens are doing. I really think the warm days and cool nights have helped the vegetable plants thrive. The cucumbers, yellow squash, and zucchini are coming in now. Peaches are just starting. The strawberries have lasted longer this year due to the cooler weather but they are on the way out. Cauliflower is done and asparagus is almost done. I know everyone is waiting on the tomatoes. They are just in the beginning of ripening. We will have green tomatoes for a few weeks. I can't wait for the sweet corn, that's my favorite. The okra won't be ready until the heat comes on.

I have been dealing with a Momma pig that decided that under my house where we park was a good place to have her babies. She had gotten out of the pen and was looking for a good spot. Last Sunday when Rick and I came home from visiting his Dad, she went crazy and wouldn't let us out of the car. We're both too old and in bad shape to run from a crazy giant Momma pig so we parked in front and went up the front steps. Monday when I came home, she was gone so I parked under the house. Boy, was that a mistake, Tuesday morning, she was back and not letting me come down the steps and into the car much less walk pass her to the truck. I had to call Thomas to come rescue me. He got in the passenger side and slid across to the driver's side. He pulled up and blocked the pig so I could get in the back seat then backed out into the yard, far from the crazy pig. She is safely back in the pen with all 7 babies so we can come in and out of our house without our lives being threaten. We never know what will happen on the farm next.

We have gotten one of the Rolling Market buses back on the road. We are still working on adding stops and getting the second bus back on the road. We had a great first stop at Drayton on the Ashley this past week and that will be a regular stop each Thursday 4:30-6:30. We continue to stop at Grand Oaks on Wednesday 4:30-6:30. We have several stops at businesses during the day. A lot of our old stops from before the pandemic haven't gone back to full capacity yet. I am looking for new stops as well as adding old ones back.
The Rolling Markets will be busy next weekend with stops at Stono Ferry on Saturday 10:30-12:30 then Sunday we will be at the Bees Fest at the Crosstowne Church on Bees Ferry Rd. 9-12 and also at the Celadon Flea-esta on the old Navy base from 10-2 then over to Bolton's Landing from 3-5. 

The CSA Weekly Vegetable bag deliveries are still going well. We are still adding a few members even though we are starting the 5th week of deliveries. I enjoy the CSA program because I get a chance to get to know the members. I have made some great friends with CSA members. I had dinner last night with 2 former CSA members that have moved away but we stay in touch. It's amazing the connections you can make over the love of vegetables.

We are still making Home/Office Deliveries even though there are less as the Rolling Markets gets back out. I believe we will continue to do Tuesday Home Deliveries at least for now. If you need anything, just check the availability and place an order.  Here the link to see what we have

Bees Fest  Bees Ferry Rd Crosstowne Church 5/30 9-12

Celadon Flea and Farmers Market 5/30 10-2
Boltons Landing Market 5/30 3-5 pm
James Island Farmers Market 6/4 6-8 pm
Camp Road Market Epworth Church 6/12 10-1
Summer Camp 6-8 year olds July 12-16
Summer Camp 9-11 year olds July 19-25

400th Year Thanksgiving Dinner  November

Feature of the Month
Peaches are the feature of the month. We should have peaches for through June.

Special of the Month
Stop by the Rolling Market and mention the Newsletter for $5 off your purchases.

Recipe of the Month 
This is one of the easiest recipes ever, even I can make this.

Peach Cobbler
 1 cup sugar
1 cup self rising flour
1 cup milk
1 stick butter
1 cup peaches
 Combine sugar, flour, and milk. Melt butter in 8 X 8 inch casserole dish. Pour flour mixture on butter. Do not mix.
Place fruit on top of flour mixture. Bake in 325* oven for 1 hour.


Call us or email if you have questions. We are social distancing but still love to hear from you.

Helen Legare-Floyd
Legare Farms 
2620 Hanscombe Pt Rd
Johns Island, SC 29455

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