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September Newsletter 2014

September Newsletter 2014Every month when I sit down to write the newsletter, I try to share something new and interesting. I have been told that I share too much personal stuff in the newsletter but I say that this farm is personal and I will continue to be personal. I have also been told that everything I write is negative. I don’t think it is negative just real life when it comes to farming. If someone doesn’t like reading my negative newsletters then go to the bottom and unsubscribe. It won’t hurt my feelings at all. I do think I...

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August Newsletter 2014

August Newsletter 2014 The heat of the SC Lowcountry took a while getting here but once it did, it was and is brutal. August has been a miserable month. I’m not a fan of August. It’s hot. It’s usually dry. It’s a really slow time for sales. It’s the end of summer. Even with all these things, we have to keep working. We have to get fall vegetable crops in the ground. Animals have to be fed and watered. We have to start getting everything ready for the Pumpkin Patch: signs need to be painted, fences need to be repaired...

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July 2014 Newletter

July Newsletter 2014 There is lots of news to share from the farm this month. The most exciting thing is that we have launched a new website. The website address is the same but the content is all new. The exciting part is that you can now purchase from our website. We have a lot coming up for the fall. Fall is our season. Not any activities happening for July and August but we have to get ready for the fall now. We have still been doing a few tomatoes and lima beans. Now we are planting the fall crops including...

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June Newsletter 2014

June Newsletter 2014 June is my favorite food month. All of my favorites are ready for harvest in June. My very favorite is sweet corn. I can eat nothing but sweet corn for dinner, the first few days of corn picking. The squash are ready in early June. I love a good squash casserole but just plain squash and onions can’t be beat. The tomatoes are also ready in June and while I’m not a fan of raw tomatoes, I love some tomato pie. One of my favorite things is okra and tomatoes or as my family calls it gumbo....

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May 2014 Newsletter

It appears summer is here.

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