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January 2016

January Newsletter

Happy New Year from everyone at the farm. This is a slow time of year on the farm. As always we have to feed and water animals. We're planting vegetables for the winter CSA and the regular season CSA.

We'll be starting deliveries for the Winter the week of February 15 and then the regular season should start towards the end of April.

We've been selling a lot of barbeque pigs lately and have plenty more. If you're planning a Super Bowl party, maybe a pig roast would be something to consider. Roasting pigs are the Special this Month (see below).

We're excited to be working with the SC Battleground Trust. We always knew that there were Civil War batteries on our property that had been involved in the capture of the Isaac P. Smith. The Isaac P. Smith was the only wartime ship in maritime history captured by land forces. The Battleground Trust contacted us a while back to see if they could locate the battery. Thomas knew where it was and it matched up with the map the archaelogist had. We are now working with the SC Battleground Trust to preserve and protect the area where the battery is located. We hope to place an easement on this portion of the farm so it will be protected forever.

A little history of the Isaac P. Smith
The Isaac P. Smith was originally a steamer for passengers and cargo in the Hudson River. She was purchased by the US Navy in 1861. She joined the South Atlantic Blockade Squadron and patrolled the Port Royal/Hilton Head area in SC. She was then sent to Savannah, Ga to the St Augustine area. In August 1862, she went to NY city for repairs.

The Yankee gunboats started patrols in the Stono River in the fall of 1862. The Isaac P. Smith joined them upon her return to service in October of 1862. The Isaac P. Smith seemed to be the most brazen of all the gunboats. The Captain allowed his bored crew to take target practice at houses along the river. The Isaac P. Smith is believed to be the gunboat that shelled and destroyed the Legare family home on the Stono River. Confederate forces decided it was time to make an example out of the Isaac P. Smith. Heavy guns were moved from the peninsula of Charleston to Thomas Grimball's property on James Island. At the same time guns were moved onto Johns Island at the Legare property and Grimball's property (now the Johns Island airport).

The guns were well hidden so that a surprise attack could be executed on the Issac P. Smith. On January 30th, 1863, the Isaac P. Smith sailed up the Stono passing the batteries at the Legare property and the Grimball property on Johns Island. She dropped anchor nearly opposite from the Thomas Grimball residence and well within reach of the hidden guns. The guns opened fire and sent shots through the wooden timbers of the boat.The crew immediately pulled anchor and beat a hasty retreat. She did return fire and damaged one gun of the battery on James Island. She proceeded down the Stono and was soon within range of the Johns Island batteries. The batteries began firing, hitting the engine, disabling the boat. The captain dropped anchor and surrendered. The Confederate land troops demanded that the sailors come ashore since they had no way to get out to the boat. There were 11 officers and 108 men on board, all survivors were taken prisoner. Nineteen were killed and 8 wounded during the shelling The prisoners were sent into the city.The next night after the capture, Yankee gunboats sailed up the Stono and opened fire on the Isaac P. Smith, hoping to sink her and keep Confederate troops from making use of her. The Johns Island batteries open fire and chased the gunboats out of the Stono River and saving the Isaac P. Smith. The Isaac P. Smith's was put into service of the Confederate Navy and renamed Stono.  She served as a blockade runner in the Charleston harbor until June 5, 1863 when she was wrecked on the breakwater near Ft Moultrie. 
Our family's story goes, that the sailors killed in the capture of the Isaac P. Smith were buried along the river bank in front of our property. Years later as the river bank washed away, the remains of the sailors were exposed. Our Great Grandfather Thomas Legare collected the remains and moved them to a graveyard on our property. Several of his friends asked him why he was reburying those Yankees. He told them that he would like to think that if his son was killed so far from home, that someone would bury him with respect and that's what he was doing. The graveyard has no markers but we feel sure that all 19 sailors found a resting place on our property overlooking the Stono River.

January 29th Battle of Charleston School Day
January 30th and 31st Battle of Charleston
March 20th Kids Fair
March 25th and 26th Rent A Chick pickup
April 8th and 9th Rent A Chick pickup
April 10th Finger Lickin Chicken Wing Fling Thing
May 12th Wine Tasting and Food Pairing at Pickled Palate
June 13-17 Summer Camp 6-8 year olds
June 20-24 Summer Camp 9-11 year olds
July 11-15 Summer Camp 6-8 year olds
July 18-22 Summer Camp 9-11 year olds

Feature of the Month
The Battle of Charleston- An American War Timeline is the feature of the Month. The event will take place this weekend. Friday the 29th is school education day. We have a lot of school children coming out to learn about American Wars. We will be open to the public on 1/30th and 31st at 10:00. Participating this year are pirates, Revolutionary War, Civil War, World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War. Some war reenactors will have skirmishes and some will just have encampments. Everything will be open for visitors. These folks really enjoy talking to you about their period in history. On Saturday at 10:30, there will be a Ladies' Social with a program about Women's place in the war efforts through history. Refreshments from each period will be served. On Sunday a period church service will be held at 10:30. Vendors' wares and food will be available for purchase. Cost is $10 and tickets may be purchased at the gate or in advance at

Special of the Month
Roasting pigs are on sale for January. Whole hogs ready for the grill are 25-50 lbs $3/lb, 51-100 lbs. $2.50/lb, and 101lbs. & up $2/lb. Great time for a Super Bowl party or just an excuse to have a party. Call 843-559-0788 at least a week in advance so we can get it ready.

Recipe of the Month
Simple Beef Stew

1 lb. cubed stew meat
2 onions
2 cups water (I use diced tomatoes in place of the water)
2 lbs. potatoes cubed
2 lbs. carrots (I usually add more since I really love carrots)
Put water in pot, bring to a boil adding onions reduce heat. Let onions cook slowly for 5 minutes then add meat. Cook over low heat for 1 hour or until meat is tender. Add potatoes at 30 minutes and add carrots at 45 minutes. Add salt to taste. Serve over rice for a complete meal.
This can also be cooked in the crock pot. I put the water, meat, and onions on low and cook all day. As soon as I get home at night I add the potatoes and then the carrots. 

Email or call the office if you have questions or need information. 

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