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December 2020 Newsletter

December Newsletter  As it was for so many others this year, 2020, was a terrible year for the Legare family and our business in many ways.     For our family it was very difficult as we lost both friends and family members. Some to Covid and some to other causes. It was also a difficult year as we were isolated from family and friends.    I lost my Mother in Law in January then spent the next 10 months cleaning out their house since my Father in Laws is in assisted living now. This was an emotional journey. I got...

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September 2016 Newsletter

September Newsletter We 're so focused on getting ready for the Pumpkin Patch that I know fall is close but you could not prove it by the temperatures. The days are getting shorter and the fall vegetables are almost ready so fall must be here but again you can't prove it by the temperature. It's hard to get excited about the fall activities when you're sweating. The rain has been nice but it would be better spread out a little more and it does seem to cool things off for at least a few hours.   We are still working...

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August 2016 Newsletter

From Helen: Summer is ending and a new school year has begun. I like the fall and what it brings, cooler weather, fall vegetables, and the anticipation of the things to come. As a child; a new school year meant a new beginning and as a young adult it meant going back to college to old friends and new classes; now as a much older adult, it means our busy month of October is almost here.  Speaking of new beginnings, we are about to start a new chapter for Legare Farms. We have purchased a bus and will soon have...

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July Newsletter

July Newsletter 7/31/16 From Helen It's hot and miserable but it's the south so that's what we expect. I wouldn't want to live any where else but if I was a rich women, I'd have a mountain house for the summer months. I know the cooler weather is coming but not fast enough. We've had a rough week besides the heat, Thomas blew 5 tires on trailers hauling grain. There's never a good time to blow a tire but changing tires on the side of the road in this heat was no fun. On top of that July and August are...

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June 2016 Newsletter

From Helen I love June not for the heat but for the vegetables. My favorite, sweet corn is in full swing and my second favorite butterbeans are ready too. Can it get any better than picking fresh tomatoes, bell peppers, corn, butterbeans and squash for dinner. I love the nostalgia of this time of year also. We weren't allowed to watch TV this time of year without a bowl of butterbeans or peas in our laps to shell. Times have changed and we have mechanical bean/pea pickers and everything is shelled by a machine now. I know it is easier but...

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