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December 2020 Newsletter

December Newsletter
  As it was for so many others this year, 2020, was a terrible year for the Legare family and our business in many ways.

    For our family it was very difficult as we lost both friends and family members. Some to Covid and some to other causes. It was also a difficult year as we were isolated from family and friends.

   I lost my Mother in Law in January then spent the next 10 months cleaning out their house since my Father in Laws is in assisted living now. This was an emotional journey. I got to know my in-laws better than I ever had but also made me realize that my stuff will one day be rifled through and my most prized processions will probably mean nothing to other people. It makes you rethink a lot about your life and your things.

   For the Legare Farms Education Foundation, our nonprofit foundation, it was a horrendous year. We were unable to do our school field trips, summer camps, birthday parties, and two of our three major fund raisers (The Battle of Charleston and our Fall Harvest dinner), and our second round of Rent A Chick.

    Things have also been difficult for our business, Legare Farms. Getting cows and pigs processed at the butcher has been difficult, and at times impossible, as the smaller regional packing plants were overwhelmed due to the large national plants being shut down for coronavirus. In SC you have to have meat processed at an goverment inspected processor not on the farm to be able to sell the meat.

   We took our rolling markets off the road in March for what we thought would be six weeks. 9 1/2 months later we’re still down.

   In addition our family and businesses were the targets of extremists who unfairly accused us of racism. Along with boycotting our business and trying to get others to boycott it, we received death threats. People who had never done business with us were leaving horrible reviews on every site they could find. And all of this for an offhand comment that was taken out of context.

   Despite all of the sadness and difficulties this year, there were some good things that happen. Three members of the Legare farms extended family graduated from high school and started college. (Congratulations Britney, Steven, and Kevin.)  When school was shut down in the spring, we got to know the children of our employees Josefina and Celia much better as they were at the farm and helping us every day with picking and packing vegetables. We’ve become much closer to all of them.

   The numbers of Covid cases had dropped enough that we were able to go forward with the pumpkin patch in October. Although we did not get the school children here we were open on the weekends and thanks to you, our wonderful customers, we saw a record number of people attending.

   After taking the rolling markets off the road we started doing contactless home deliveries. Our CSA Vegetable program grew to over 100 members for 2020. This has been phenomenal for us and we have had one of our best years ever!

   And although we did lose a few customers to the “boycott”, we actually gained many more as people who had never done business with us stepped forward to support us.

    Overall, despite the difficulties, we are closing out our 295th year of farming on Johns Island, as a success. This is largely because of our wonderful customers. We want to thank you all and look forward to the coming year as we wish all of you a Happy New Year and a better year in 2021.

   We have set the dates for Rent A Chick and for Summer Camp. All are subject to cancel if we are still social distancing. All deposit will be returned if we cancel. The dates are below in the Calendar of events. Make sure to reserve your chicks early. 

Calendar. All are subject to cancel.
Rent A Chick 3/19 & 20
Rent A Chick 4/2 & 3
Summer Camp 6-8 year olds July 12-16
Summer Camp 9-11 year olds July 19-25

Feature of the Month
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Special of the Month
Meat Packages
We are offering several meat packages at a special price. We have a Beef Package, a Pork Package, a Beef & Pork Package, and a Steak Package. Go to the website for all the details.

Recipe of the Month 
Easy Potato Sausage Soup
 1/2 lb sausage (bulk or links can be used. If using links, cut into disk)
1 large chopped onion
1 cup water
1 can cream of celery soup
1 can cream of chicken soup
16 oz. frozen hash browns
1 cup chicken broth
2 cups milk
Shredded cheddar cheese                                         
Brown sausage in large Dutch oven. Drain. Add potatoes, chicken broth, and water. Bring to a boil. Cover. Reduce heat and simmer for 30 minutes. Stir in soups and milk. Cook stirring often until heated. Garnish with cheese.

Call us or email if you have questions. We are social distancing but still love to hear from you.

Helen Legare-Floyd
Legare Farms 
2620 Hanscombe Pt Rd
Johns Island, SC 29455

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