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Home Delivery

Legare Farms is now offering home deliveries to certain areas of Charleston. 


We will start taking orders for each week on the Friday before, starting at 6 PM. We ask that you place your orders as soon as possible after that opening time to give us plenty of time to see how many orders we have and to get organized.
We are only taking orders by email. This will streamline things and cut down on confusion and duplicate orders.
If you need to talk to us please call our main line ONLY. That number is 843-559-0788.

If you are picking up an order at the farm on Tuesdays the pick up time is from noon to 6. You will pull through the double gate to the left, pull up to the front of the small office trailer and park. Your order will be on a picnic table in front of the office by a red Ford expedition. If you are getting meat it will be in the cooler by the picnic table. Please follow the social distancing guidelines and do not approach any of our employees. Thank you.

Orders must be at least $25 and a $5 delivery fee. Orders will be left at your front door.

If you aren't in our delivery area you can pick up from the farm on Tuesdays between 12-6. Your order will be on a table with your name on it and meat in the cooler with your name on it. No one will be there during pick up.
Orders must be received by Noon the day before your delivery. We will pull the orders in the morning and deliver in the the event of rain, your order may be delayed until the next day.
To place an order email the following info:
1)the area you are located and the neighborhood or what you are close to for example James Island/Ft Johnson Estates or West Ashley/Grand Oaks
2) Your name
3 phone number(we will not accept orders without phone numbers)
4) Your address
5)If you are comfortable doing it, please include a credit card number with expiration, code on back, and zip code, if not we will call you 
Then list what you want and amount. If you will not be home, you probably don’t want to order meat or leave a cooler.   

  Vegetables /fruit

Asian Pears $1 each

cauliflower $4/head

Romaine lettuce $3/head

Kale $3/bunch

Collards $3/bunch

Cooked collards $5/pint

Rutabaga $1.29/lb.

Broccoli $1.99/lb

Tomatoes $1.89/lb  

Carrots $1/lb no tops                                                                                 

Plum $.50
Cucumber $1.39/lb                                                                                           

Brussel sprouts $1.99/lb                                                                                 

sweet potato jumbo or medium $1.29/lb

White potatoes $1.69/lb
Red potatoes $1.69/lb
Baking potatoes $1.69/lb
onions yellow $1.25/lb
onions white $1.25/lb
Onions purple $1.25/lb
Yellow squash $1.99/lb                                                                                 

Cabbage $3/head

Vidalia onions $1.69/lb

Green onions $3/bunch

NC Apples $.75 each 
Beets $1.29/lb
Spaghetti squash $1.49/lb
Acorn squash $1.49/lb
butternut squash $1.49/lb

Avocado $2 each

Garlic $.75/bulb
green beans $1.99/lb.
Zucchini $1.99/lb
Turnips $1.29/lb
Bell pepper $1 each
Red pepper $2 each(if the peppers are small we’ll send 2)
Jalepeno peppers $.25 
Oranges $1.59/lb
Tangerines $1.59/lb
Limited amounts
Shallots $3.00/lb
Buttered salted Pecans $16/lb
Pecan halves $14/lb
Ginger $3.00/lb
Shitake mushrooms dried $4/2oz
Misc items
Eggs $5/doz 
Duck eggs $6/doz very limited
Boiled peanuts pint $3.50 quart $6
Honey small bears $4, large  bear $6, 1lb jars $9 2 lb jar $12
Honey with Comb $12/pt
Jams $8
Strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, plum, peach
Jellies $8
muscadine, scuppernong, corn cob, sweet tea, hot pepper jelly
Preserves $8
Fig preserves, Cinnamon Pear preserves
Pickles $8
Moonshine, Good & Evil, Good & Evil with garlic, pickled asparagus, dilly beans, candied jalepeno, Pickled okra, hot pickled okra, bread and butter
Salsas $8
Chunky, Hot, Bacon, corn, peach, blackbean
Relish $8
Green tomato relish, artichoke relish, chow chow, hot chow chow
Sugar free preserves $8
Strawberry, blackberry, peach
molasses $8
Cane syrup $8
Tomato Pie $15
Pumpkin Pie $12
Sweet Potato Pie $12
Pecan pie $15
Ribeye $14.99/lb 
NY Strip $12.99/lb
Cubed steak $7.75/lb
Ground Beef $7/lb
Onion brat sausage link $7.85/lb
Garlic brat sausage link $7.75/lb
Chorizo bulk $7.85/lb
Zesty Italian sausage links $7.85/lb
Soup bone shank with meat 2"thick  $5/lb
Soup bone pieces 2 lbs bags $2/lb
Marrow bones $4/lb
Short rib $7.75/lb
Liver $3/lb
Brisket $7.75/lb
Dog Food $5/1.3 lbs ground beef (not for human consumption)
Pork chops $7/lb
Jalepeno cheese sausage links $7/lb
Sage sausage bulk $7.00/lb
Rosemary garlic links $7/lb
Lamb bones for making stock $2/lb