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Good News & Bad News

The Legare Family would like to share with you some good and bad news about the lawsuit against our family.

The good news is that the lawsuit is now settled. We felt like we would have been vindicated in court, but could not continue to mount legal fees. The bad news is – we will be paying legal fees for many years to come.

We don’t think anyone, including us, realized the power of the press and social media. We are thankful and humbled by the support b

oth on Facebook and the website.

Many people ask why the Hughes did not just drop the lawsuit. This would not have been beneficial to the Legare family since it could have been refiled at any time and legal fees would have started over. We are happy with the settlement and quite frankly would have agreed to everything in the settlement had the Hughes simply asked before filing a lawsuit.

The settlement is quite different from the original lawsuit. We never tried to stop the Hughes from reaching their home and have not changed any conditions since they purchased their home. The lesson to learn here is; do your research before purchasing property so that you know where your right of way is located and what a right of way across other people’s property entails. Learning what a right of way means might be a good idea too.

We need to take the momentum from this lawsuit to start a movement to save all of our farms. In the past 2 years Ambrose Farms and Legare Farms have both been at risk from neighbors’ lawsuits. This is happening to farms all over our state and country. Once we have had time to catch our breath and get caught up on all the farm work, we plan to figure out how we can help other farmers win their fights whether it’s through legislation or financial support or both. We hope all of you will join us in this fight.


Linda, Helen, and Thomas Legare