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Summer Camp 2024 Schedule

Farm Summer Camp Daily Schedule

6-8 year olds June 17-21

9-11 year olds June 24-28

6-8 year olds July 15-19

9-11 year olds July 8-12

Animal Day

We spend 2 days discussing animals.

  • See our pigs, goats, sheep, cows, chickens, rabbit, and turkeys
  • Learn how we groom, feed, water, and care for each animal.
  • Learn lessons about each animal throughout the week. Make Butter and Gather Eggs.

Vegetable Day

  • Learn how to plant, grow, and harvest vegetables.

  • Learn about seeds.
  • Spend time in our vegetable garden.
  •  Take home.a bag of fresh vegetables.

Fiber Day

  • Learn about wool, cotton, and other natural fibers.
  • Learn about natural dyes.
  • Tie dye a T-shirt to take home.

Bug Day

  • Learn all about bees, butterflies, and other bugs seen on the farm and why we can not live without them.
  • Learn about how honey is made and observe Legare Farms bee hives (from a distance).
  • Taste real honey.

Other topics covered during the week

  • Learn a brief lesson on the history of agriculture in S.C. and what other types of farming are done in our state.
  • Take a horse rides and a hayride out to feed the cows.
We will do 2 crafts and 2 snacks per day, we try as much as possible to follow the theme of the day with both crafts and snacks.