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Summer Camp 2017 Schedule

Farm Summer Camp Daily Schedule

Day 1

Animal Day

  • See our pigs, goats, sheep, cows, chickens, rabbit, and turkeys
  • Learn how to groom, feed, water, and care for each animal.
  • Learn lessons about each animal. Make Butter and Gather Eggs.

Day 2

Vegetable Day

  • Spend the day learning how to plant, grow, and harvest vegetables.
  • Learn about seeds, learn how to weed, fertilizer, and water vegetables.
  • Spend time in our vegetable garden.
  • Pick a bag of vegetables to take home.

Day 3

Fiber Day

  • Learn about wool, cotton, and other natural fibers.
  • Spin wool into yarn, pick cotton, learn about natural dyes.
  • Tie dye a T-shirt to take home.

Day 4

Bug Day

  • Learn all about bees, butterflies, and other bugs seen on the farm and why we can not live without them.
  • Learn about how honey is made and observe Legare Farms bee hives (from a distance).
  • Taste real honey.

Day 5

Wrap Up Day

  • Learn a brief lesson on the history of agriculture in S.C. and what other types of farming are done in our state.
  • Then comes the really fun stuff—horse rides and a hayride out to feed the cows.
We will do 2 crafts and 2 snacks per day, we try as much as possible to follow the theme of the day with both crafts and snacks.
For example on animal day, we eat ice cream and on veggie day, popcorn. We allow a lot of time for free play and on hot days water games.